08/11/2019, 09:45 AM

The flatform that supports finacial for Vietnamese small and medium enterprises of Validus Capital has just been launched. It is expected to become special supporting that supports Vietnamese enterprises to get more finacial support, increase the competitive advantage, contributing to the country's economic development.

Validus Capital is one of the first fintech Singapore startups to apply for license to operate digital banking in Singapore, providing a financial support platform for small and medium enterprises. Accordingly, Validus Vietnam provides private financial support consultancy services to enterprises. To appraise the records of enterprises and connect them to investment funds and the investors owns financial resources. Inaddition, This flatform provides the system for a prestigious credit pilot, supports borrowers and creates faster loan opportunities.

Validus's potential customers are small and medium enterprises in Vietnam in manufacturing, real estate, construction, healthcare, consumer services, retail trade and wholesale. Validus Capital expects to multiply this positive social impact on the countries in Southeast Asia in general, and Vietnam in particular, with the aim to meet the needs of domestic financial services that have not been met yet.

With this service of Validus, small and medium enterprises will have more than a choice of financial support that are not from bank. Fast appraisal procedure, simple due diligence procedure and only works through an intermediate appraisal unit, If this service is expanded, it will be a huge competition with the traditional banking system. Because of the fact that, there are many small and medium enterprises now need financial suport in Vietnam.