Updates Some New Policies Effective From May 2021 Enterprise Need To Know

04/05/2021, 10:03 AM
  1. Request on the legal representative of the price appraisal enterprise

Decree 12/2021 detailing the implementation of a number of articles of the Price Law on appraisal of prices takes effect from May 1, 2021. Specifically, Decree 12/2021 supplements regulations on the requirements for the legal representative, director or general director of price appraisal enterprises.

The legal representative of the legal valuation business satisfies the following requirements:

  • Being a price appraiser registered to practice at the enterprise according to the provisions of Article 39 of the 2012 Price Law;
  • Having at least 03 years (36 months) working as a practicing price appraiser before becoming the legal representative of the price appraisal enterprise;
  • Not being the legal representative of the price appraisal business whose Certificate of eligibility for business in price appraisal service has been revoked for a period of 01 year (12 months) up to the time of application submission, reissue this Certificate.
  1. 99 new business registration forms from May 1, 2021

Circular 01/2021 / TT-BKHDT guiding business registration takes effect from May 1, 2021.

In which, issued together with 99 forms used in business registration, business household registration are used uniformly across the country, for example:

  • Notice of changes to the enterprise registration contents (Appendix II-1);
  • Notice of change of legal representative (Appendix II-2);
  • Notice of branch / representative office / business location registration (Appendix II-7);
  • Application form for business household registration (Appendix III-1);
  • Certificate of change of business registration information (Appendix V-1);


Source: Thu vien phap luat