The List of Industries and Trades in Special Investment Incentives

29/10/2020, 08:30 AM

In the draft Decree detailing and guiding the implementation of a number of articles of the Investment Law, the Ministry of Planning and Investment has proposed the list of industries and occupations with special investment incentives in the hi-tech sectors. , information technology, assistive technology, agriculture.

According to the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the list of industries and trades with special investment incentives is designed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Investment Law and is reviewed, gathered on the basis of opinions of ministries and localities. This list has been reviewed and adjusted to suit the orientation of preferential industries and trades as prescribed in Article 15 of the Law on Investment.

Specifically, the industries specially given investment incentives include the following fields:

1. High technology, information technology and supporting industries include:

Applying high technologies on the List of high technologies given priority for investment and development under decisions of the Prime Minister; manufacture of supporting industry products under decisions of the Prime Minister; High-tech incubation, high-tech business incubation; venture investment in high technology development; manufacturing software products, digital information content products, key information technology products, software services; producing renewable energy, clean energy...

2. Agriculture includes: planting, tending, nurturing, protecting and developing forests; cultivating, processing and preserving agricultural, forestry and aquatic products; production, multiplication and crossbreeding of plant varieties, domestic animal breeds, forest plant varieties, aquatic breeds; offshore fishing combined with the application of advanced fishing gears; fishing logistics; construction of shipbuilding and fishing ship building facilities.

3. Environmental protection, construction of infrastructure including: Concentrated waste collection, treatment, recycling and reuse; building and operating infrastructure of industrial parks, export processing zones, hi-tech zones, functional zones in economic sectors; investment in development of water plants, power plants, water supply and drainage systems; bridge, road, railway; airport, seaport, river port; airports, stations and other particularly important infrastructure works as decided by the Prime Minister.

4. Culture, society, sports and health include: Construction of social housing, resettlement housing; scientific research on pharmaceutical preparation technologies for the production of new drugs; investment in methadone production facilities; investment in and commercial operation of high-achievement sports training and training centers and sports training and coaching centers for people with disabilities; building a sports facility with equipment and means for training and competition to meet the requirements of organizing international tournaments; professional gymnastics and sports training and competition facilities; investment in and commercial operation of Medical Treatment - Education - Social Labor Center; drug addiction and smoking cessation establishments; HIV/AIDS treatment facility...

Source: Bao Chinh Phu