Temporarily Stop Beginning The Trials During March, 2020 Because Of The Disease

12/03/2020, 09:03 AM

Directive 02/2020/CT-CA of the Supreme People's Court in prevention Covid-19 in the system of people's courts.

Accordingly, in order to prevent spread from the disease caused by Covid-19, specifically in the people courts system, from now until the end of March, 2020, the Government of the Supreme People’s Court requiers all courts carry out the following contents:

  • Temporarily Stop begining the trials, resolution sessions; temporarily stop the convening of litigants, agencies, organizations, and individuals to the court for the case which is within the prescribed settlement period.

Temporarily stop the receipt of the petition, requierment application, document, evidence for the agency, organization or individual via postal service, electronic methods, other methods as prescribed by the procedural law.

Source: Thu vien phap luat