Some Notable Laws Take Effect From July 1, 2021

01/07/2021, 09:07 AM

Expanding international agreement signatories


The Law on International Agreements consists of 7chapters and 52 articles; replaces the Ordinance on the Signing and Implementation of International Agreements 2007.

The Law on International Agreements has expanded the subject of signing international agreements, creating a legal framework for the signing of international agreements by subjects not yet specified in the 2007 Ordinance, such as the General Department, Department of the Department of Foreign Affairs, etc., ministerial-level agencies;specialized agency of the provincial People's Committee; District People's Committees, Commune People's Committees in border areas; provincial agencies of socio-political organizations, socio-professional organizations, social organizations, socio-professional organizations.


Ensuring citizens' right to freedom of residence


The formulation and promulgation of the Law on Residence in 2020 aims to ensure citizens' freedom of residence; contribute to improving the efficiency of the state management of security and order in the new situation; simplify administrative procedures and citizenship papers related to residence registration and management; meet the requirements of applying advanced science and technology in residence management, focusing on building and managing residence through the National Population Database.


The Residence Law 2020 has 7 chapters, 38 articles and has a number of new, amended and supplemented contents compared to the 2006 Residence Law (amended and supplemented in 2013),in which, Chapter IV of the law stipulates the registration and management of permanent residence from manual method by paper book to modern management method by information technology, through the use of personal identification number to access, update and adjust on the National Population Database.


Source: Bao Chinh Phu