What we Offer?

ATIM provides full legal services to business
The legal framework in Vietnam for investment initially set up in early 1980s has basically created safety for the business community in general and the foreign investor community in particular. Although Vietnam has published various policies on investment encouragement, there are still various hidden procedures and barriers that make the investment slow, high cost and/or become infeasible. 

With the deep understanding of significant differences in technical requirements, product standards, testing and certification procedures between Vietnam market and international practices, we have supported many Clients who are the biggest manufacturers and exporters of food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and health care products in product registration, specification announcement and being complied with local regulations prior market circulation. 

When dispute is unavoidable, our role is to decide on the most suitable mode of dispute resolutions and provide objective and practical alternative guidance to our Clients to help them solve it in the most time and cost efficient manner as possible. We also provide representational assistance for our Clients in reaching best settlement out-of-court dispute in order to balance their objectives against legal, commercial and reputational risks.

The international trade has been changing fast in past decades. There are parallel trends which against each other, that is the developing countries have been trying to promote the multilateral trade agreement while the other developed countries is raising the nationalism to protect domestic market. This friction has been forcing the rise of trade concerns and dispute.

Energy and projects are two distinct but overlapping areas of law. When combined, they focus on the development, construction and financing of major natural resource (oil/gas, mining), power and infrastructure projects. The construction of pipelines, refineries, mines, power plants and petrochemical plants is a massive business, with high stakes and massive dollar values. Emerging economies are frequently the most hungry for infrastructural improvements, meaning a lawyer's work increasingly takes on an international flavor.