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Decree 40/2018/ND-CP dated March 12, 2018 on the management of business activities by multi-level method takes effect, raising the deposit amount for multi-level marketing enterprises compared ...
25/01/2019, 04:15 AM
Decree 40 and Circular 10 were issued in the circumstance that multi-level sale (“MLS”) in Vietnam has been happening complicatedly and there is a need of specific, clear, possible, strict ...
19/12/2018, 03:21 AM
Vietnam Competition and Consumer Protection Authority has released information warning consumers about the business via multi-level of unauthorized sales organizations and individuals selling ...
21/06/2018, 09:13 AM
Total revenue of multi-level marketing in 2017 is about 8,000 billion dongs. It has risen more 330 billion dongs than 2016
26/05/2018, 14:49 PM