As host of APEC 2017, Vietnam is working with its member economies to make APEC leaders' commitments a reality and bring APEC closer to the people and the business community.
12/11/2017, 07:10 AM
From October 27 to November 01, 2017, the National Assembly continued to discuss many matters: Long Thanh International Airport, renovation of administrative bodies, ...
02/11/2017, 11:33 AM
The 4th Session of the XIV National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam opened on October 23, 2012, and is expected to last about a month (until November 24, 2017) with many essential ...
29/10/2017, 10:57 AM
Recently, Attorney Nguyen Thi Huynh, ATIM Law Firm has had an interview with CafeLand Newspaper on some legal issues related to investment forms.
29/09/2017, 06:53 AM
Negotiation of RCEP restarted on February 27th is the first negotiation round when the goverment of President Donal Trump decided US to leave TPP last January.
26/07/2017, 12:00 PM
In 18 judgments, some of the decisions which are discussed, are not typical, or unclear. Some cases are even unnecessary because the law stipulates specifically.
25/07/2017, 10:57 AM