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ATIM start up - the first Vietnamese full business law consulting firm (open office in Hanoi in the same year).

Advise a foreign contractor in crisis management in relation to the collapse of Cần Thơ Bridge which was a severe construction accident in southern Vietnam in September 2007. A 90-metre section of an approach ramp fell more than 30 metres, killing and injuring dozens of people.


Advise a client in a 360ha township development in the South of Saigon with investment scale of USD 350 million.


Success in helping agianst US direct selling company to open business in Vietnam (The First 100% FDI Direct Selling Company was formed obtained the Trading License in Vietnam).

Establish relationship with European consulting firms.


Advise the Management Authority for Urban Railway of Ho Chi Minh City in the Project Management Consulting Package in the Metro Line No.2 of Ho Chi Minh City.

Advise a client successfully implementing the first de-merger project in Vietnam ever under the Law on Investment inVietnam 2005.


Advise various foreign direct selling companies successfully set up new entity, expanding business and/or reorganizing the business in Vietnam.

ATIM become legal advice for Direct Selling Committee of AMCHAM and market leader in providing the legal service to Direct Selling Industry.


Start providing legal services in the international trade dispute.


Success in helping domestic cold-rolled stainless steel producers to initiate and win the first anti-dumping case against cold-rolled stainless steel imported into Vietnam from China, Taiwan, Indonesia and Malaysia.


Success in helping a 100% FDI direct selling company to reorganize the business in Vietnam (merged local nominee into FDI and transfer the distribution network without interruption).


Start providing legal service in Private and Public Partnership projects and success in reviewing 55 road transportation projects of Ministry of Transport.

Establish relationship with US law firms.


Establish relationship with Chinese law firms.

Advise and support Chinese producers and exporters in responding to anti-dumping investigation of  the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam.

Advise and represent Binh Son Refining and Petrochemical Company, the first refinery facility inVietnam, in all legal matters.


Success in defending the Safeguard Investigation Case No.05 for color coated steel products.

Success in launching the Office 365 to provide more reliable working environment of the firm and high security to clients.


Establish relationship with ASEAN law firms.

Success in exempting from the Safeguard Measures (Case No. SG05) with respect to the high quality imported color coated steel.

Success in advising and supporting 2 Chinese Steel Mills in obtaining exclusion of high quality color coated steel products from the scope of anti-dumping investigation (AD04).