Investigate the application of anti-dumping measures on a number of office desk products and office desk parts, chairs and chair accessories originating from the People's Republic of China and Malaysia- a

24/06/2021, 09:18 AM

On June 3, 2021, the Trade Remedies Authority of Vietnam (Investigative Agency) received the dossier of the company representing the domestic manufacturing industry (the Requesting Party),request investigation to apply anti-dumping measures on certain office desk products and office table parts, chairs and chair parts originating from the People's Republic of China and Malaysia.


On June 18, 2021, the investigating agency confirmed that the dossier was complete and valid in accordance with the law on trade remedies.


Next steps:

Within 45 days from the date of confirmation of complete and valid dossiers; The investigating agency will appraise the dossier and submit it to the Minister of Industry and Trade for consideration to investigate or not to investigate the case.


Contents of dossier appraisal include:


(i) Determining the legal representative status of the domestic manufacturing industry of the organization or individual submitting the dossier in accordance with the Law on Foreign Trade Management;

(ii) Identify evidence that dumping of imported goods causes or threatens to cause material injury to the domestic industry or substantially impede the formation of a domestic industry.


In order to serve the appraisal work, as well as ensure the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, the Investigation Agency requests domestic enterprises producing/trading in similar goods mentioned above to provide the following information:


- Business’s information;

- Design capacity and output of desk products and office desk parts, chairs and chair parts in 2018, 2019 and 2020;

- The company's opinion on the case (agree, oppose, no opinion);

- Any other documents/evidence that the company considers relevant to the case.


The deadline for providing the above information is July 16, 2021.


For more information, please contact ATIM via: (Ms. Huynh Nguyen – ATIM’s Managing Partner).

Source: Trade Remedies Authority of Vietnam