International Trade Practice

Scope of Service

International trade has been evolving rapidly in recent times, which has given rise to trends that are inevitably in conflict with each other. For instance, nations looking to promote multilateral trades often face resistance from nations looking to protect their domestic markets. This friction has arguably led to an increase in cross-border disputes.

Our practice team assists clients in multiple facets of international trade and aid in advancing their business interests through strategic advice, advocacy, litigation and enforcement mechanisms. At ATIM, our team consists of lawyers and consultants who are specialists in their respective practice areas and have vast experience handling complex matters, both locally and internationally. In this regard, our services include the following:

  • Advice on market access and regulatory barriers;
  • Advice on preferential pariff utilization;
  • Advice on trade remedies such as antidumping, countervailing duty and safeguard proceedings;
  • International litigation and dispute settlement;
  • Advice on customs compliance and valuation; and
  • Advice on export control and sanctions.
Remark Project

Succeeding in the first anti-dumping lawsuit initiated by Vietnam (case number AD-01) (2013)

Advising and representing Chinese manufacturers and exporters in the anti-dumping case for coated steel products imported from the People's Republic of China and Korea (case number AD-02) initiated by Vietnam (2016)

Advise a Chinese color steel manufacturer whose exports are subject to the investigation of color steel safeguards; Alloy steel or non-alloyed steel coated or covered with paint imported into Vietnam (case number SG-05) excludes this item from the scope of the investigation and the application of safeguard measures (2016)

Advising some color-steel importers of Vietnam who have imported goods subject to the investigation of SG-05, in their participation in the deliberation, judgment and public consultation as the entitled party in this case (2016)

Negotiation of RCEP restarted on February 27th is the first negotiation round when the goverment of President Donal Trump decided US to leave TPP last January.