Instructions for Confirming List of Employees Deferred Performance of Labor Contract

15/05/2020, 03:38 AM

In order to implement some contents according to the Government's Resolution No. 42 and the Prime Minister's Decision No. 15, the Official Dispatch No. 1391 / BHXH-BT was recently issued, guiding the certification of the list of temporary workers. delaying the execution of labor contracts.

  1. Confirmation of the List of employees temporarily suspending the performance of labor contracts, quitting without affecting salary of the enterprise

    In order to confirm the list, the social insurance agency (the social insurance authority of the province, city, or the social insurance of the district, urban district or provincial city) where the enterprise pays social insurance premium must compare with:
    + Documents about reduction of social insurance, health insurance (unemployment insurance) and unemployment insurance premium of enterprises;
    + Data of collection of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance premium on the collection management software - Number, Card

    If the information is guaranteed to match the List, the social insurance agency will:
    + Confirm in Form in case the enterprise sends paper documents;
    + Sign and certify the electronic return of the enterprise in case the enterprise sends the Form electronically

    Note: No confirmation is provided for employees who terminate their employment contracts to enjoy their pensions, or reserve their social insurance and unemployment insurance benefits (if any).

  2. Confirmation List of employees stopped working due to the impact of Covid-19 epidemic (with salary) of units and enterprises
    The social insurance agency shall base on the data of collecting social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance premium on the collection - number, card software of the unit or enterprise that is still paying (without notice of reduction) of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance to implement certification.

In addition, the letter also mentioned the temporary suspension of contribution to the pension and survivorship fund. Accordingly, the social insurance where the units and enterprises pay social insurance premiums suspends payment to the retirement and survivorship fund for eligible units and enterprises.

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