Guide for Business Registration Via Electronic Information Network

19/10/2020, 04:55 AM

The Ministry of Planning and Investment is drafting a Decree on enterprise registration, which contains detailed instructions on the order and procedures for online business registration using business registration accounts.

According to the draft, organizations and individuals have the right to choose to use digital signatures in accordance with the law on electronic transactions or use business registration accounts to register businesses via electronic information network.

Business registration account means an account created by the National Business Registration Information System, granted to an individual to register an enterprise via electronic information network. Personal access to the National Business Registration Portal to declare information and create a Business Registration Account.

An application for enterprise registration via electronic information network includes data as prescribed in this Decree and is presented in electronic form. An online application for enterprise registration is as valid as a paper application for enterprise registration. Electronic documents can be in the format ".doc" or ".docx" or ".pdf".

An online application for enterprise registration is valid when: Having all papers and contents of those sheets are declared fully dduer according to regulations such as paper records and presented in electronic documents. Names of electronic documents must be corresponding to names of papers in paper records. The person authorized to sign the application for enterprise registration can use digital signature to sign directly on the electronic document, or sign directly on paper documents and scan (scan) paper documents in the specified formats; Enterprise registration information listed on the National Business Registration Information Company must be complete and accurate according to the information in paper.

Source: Bao Chinh Phu