Disputes Resolution

Scope of Service

Disputes can be avoided by seeking assistance from counsels with the requisite expertise in relation to risk management and dispute resolution. If disputes are ultimately unavoidable, a number of alternatives are open to parties seeking to resolve the said disputes e.g mediation, arbitration and via legal proceedings. Regardless of how a dispute is eventually resolved, parties often require assistance in enforcing the particular decision/resolution. At ATIM, we offer a complete dispute resolution process, including advising on the applicable law, reaching a resolution and enforcing the said resolution. We offer the following services, with regards to dispute resolution:

  • Shareholder disputes;
  • Employment disputes;
  • Business disputes; and
  • Civil disputes between private parties.
Remark Project

Successfully support a Vietnamese client for claiming a cell phone corporation for compensating USD1 million due to breach of distribution contract (2012)

Successfully support  Singaporean investors for defending against claims for compensation with amount of USD20 million (2017)

Successfully support a Singapore client to recover a bad debt with amount of VND4,5 billion in Vietnam (2016)

Successfully support a Korean client to open bankruptcy procedure with respect to its debtor aims at putting strong pressure on him to recover bad debt (2014)

Successfully support FOE company to defend against claims of its employees due to unfair dismissal (2016)

Successfully support a Vietnamese company to recover a bad debt with amount of VND23 billion (2014)

That is information published by the representative of the Department of Legislation and Scientific Management of the Surpreme People's Court, at the International Conference "Case Law - Theories and Practices in Vietnam and Some Countries" organized by the Hanoi Law University.