Creating More Convenience in Customs Clearance For Landscape Goods

09/11/2020, 04:34 AM

In the draft Decree amending and supplementing a number of articles of Decree No. 08/2015 of the Government detailing and implementing the Customs Law regarding customs procedures, the Ministry of Finance has made a new proposal on customs. related to goods through the scene to reform administrative procedures, remove difficulties for businesses.

The Ministry of Finance said that currently Decree 08/2015 and Decree 59/2018 (amending and supplementing Decree 08) have specified customs procedures for transshipment, storage and separation. shipment, changing mode of transport, packing together with imported and exported goods, but there is an inconsistent understanding of where the work is performed, as well as the procedure has not been electronicize, for example: procedures for sending documents to request transfer, split storage, how to respond to customs authorities, etc,...

Currently, according to the provisions of the two decrees above, goods in transit can only be transshipped or changed at a number of locations managed and supervised by customs forces. Due to the characteristics of transporting goods in transit: transported from the border of the vaccine to export to Laos, Cambodia or vice versa, during the transportation process to save costs, the enterprise will change the mode of transportation. for example from road to railway. However, there is a location such as Vinh - Nghe An station, Dong Hoi - Quang Binh station which is not in the place where the mode of transportation is changed, leading to difficulties in the transport of goods in transit of enterprises.

Therefore, to reform administrative procedures, remove difficulties for businesses, in the draft Decree amending and supplementing Decree p8, the Ministry of Finance proposes the following solutions:

Supplement regulations on the method of sending the written request as well as the response of the customs authority in electronic form in the case that the enterprise requests to carry out the transfer, storage, separation of the shipment, change mode of transport, packing together with import and export goods.

Supplement regulations on the checkpoint of import and the checkpoint of export when carrying out customs procedures for goods in transit.

To specify locations where the separation, storage, change of modes and means of transit of goods are allowed to be split, and goods in transit with exported goods are shared for each group, specifically:

The transfer at, storage, separation of shipments, change of mode of transport, transit goods packed with exported goods shall be carried out at the checkpoint area, bonded warehouse, bonded yard, and collection location. retail goods, centralized gathering place, inspection and supervision for postal and express goods. In case the enterprise transfers and changes the mode of transport at railway stations, etc,...

Transit goods are packed with the imported goods at the first import checkpoint.

Source: Bao Chinh Phu