Corporate and Investment

Scope of Service

Vietnam is often considered a popular destination for investors due to its market’s potential for growth. When doing business in Vietnam, the selection of an appropriate corporate legal model and investment structure are fundamental and key decisions for any start up and/or venture. In order to navigate the complex system of laws, politics and economics in Vietnam, it is ideal to engage corporate service providers that are familiar with local standards and practice. We firmly believe that we are your choice.

At ATIM, we offer clients a full range of services under a Business Service Center covering the following:

  • Advising on corporate models, investment structure and tax implication analysis;
  • Licensing procedures for setting up license and sub licenses;
  • Post licensing works like accounting, tax and HR outsourcing services;
  • Preparing and/or reviewing Joint venture agreements, business agreements;
  • Preparing and/or reviewing Codes of conduct and internal rules;
  • Connecting clients with Virtual office provider; and
  • Advising on corporate governance and legal compliance.

The key to success for clients searching for investment opportunities, funds and divestitures, lies in engaging an expert who has access to sufficient resources, as well as a wide network of business executives and reputable professional investment alliances. ATIM is a pioneer member of the Vietnam Outsourcing Community, one of the networks at the forefront of the outsourcing of services in Vietnam. ATIM is also a member of the Business Executive Network, one of the largest executive networks in Vietnam. At ATIM, we desire to help our clients maximize their investments while managing the risks involved. To this end, we offer our clients the following services:

  • Advising on investment structures, including inbound and outbound investments;
  • Conducting M&A Due Diligence;
  • Preparing and/or reviewing transactional documents;
  • Advising on deal closing and exit;
  • Monitoring the entire process of investment and/or withdrawal; and
  • Advising on financing and capital mobilization.
Remark Project

Success in supporting Amway in obtaining Factory Audit and obtaining Food Hygiene Safety Certificate then register all products with MOH (2006) 

Success in supporting Herbalife to obtain the license and opening business in Vietnam, then expanse business to Hanoi and Danang (since 2009, this is the first FDI obtained the trading license for 100% foreign direct selling company in Vietnam)

Success in helping Sophie Paris to open business in Vietnam

Success in helping Nu Skin to open business in Vietnam

Success in helping Tupperware open business in Vietnam and transform to non-direct selling business

Success in helping Unicity to transform the local nominee company into 100% foreign owned company without business interruption

Success in helping Nu Skin, Perfect, Herbalife and Tupperware extend the investment project duration to the maximum duration allowed by the law (50-year investment)

Success in helping PM-International to open business in Vietnam

Success in helping QNET to open business in Vietnam

Success in helping doTERRA to open business in Vietnam.

TPP-11 will create a new free-trade playground for Asia, with Japan as a key factor.