Authenticated Electronic Copies On National Public Service Portal From July 1

29/06/2020, 09:19 AM

In the process of moving towards a digital society, a digital economy, accelerating electronic transactions, the certification of electronic copies from the originals is important because instead of the traditional authentication of copies that issue paper results, use the electronic copy authentication service from the original on the National Public Service Portal and issue an electronic copy, implementing the Prime Minister's policy on promoting the implementation of administrative procedures in the electronic environment.

The authentication service of the copy from the original on the National Public Service Portal, this service is considered to bring practical benefits to individuals and organizations when they need authentication. The electronic authenticated copy is as valid as the original.

Specifically, electronic copies authenticated from the originals are used instead of the originals used for comparison of authentication in transactions (unless otherwise prescribed by law). Thus, citizens and businesses can perform completely online for the majority of administrative procedures provided in the electronic environment, eliminating the need to submit certified copies / present paper copies to re-verify current records. The digitally signed and stamped digital authenticated copy ensures integrity, accuracy and can be reused many times.

Source: Baochinhphu