ATIM LAW FIRM - 10 years for building up the Trust of Clients

07/12/2017, 07:34 AM

By January 2007, Vietnam officially became the full member of WTO. There was a big hope for Vietnam economy booming in upcoming years due to the enjoyment of the less bordered international market of more than hundred fifty country members. The year 2007 also witnessed with the changes in the business consulting market. After the financial crisis, most of companies need to have a better business consulting partners with practical solution and cost effectiveness.

ATIM was born in the same year with the aim at helping international companies and leading local corporations to be more successful in their business in Vietnam by providing consulting services with insightful, practical solutions and cost effectiveness. Founded by the CEOs, lawyers, business managers, financial and HR experts who have deep knowledge of Vietnamese market and great understanding of the local practice and international standards, the firm visions to be a leading international business consulting firm, who is the best choice for consulting services in Vietnam.

Many multinational companies have entrusted their legal needs to ATIM’s excellent legal teams from the very beginning and it really is testament to the company’s quality service. After 5 brief years, ATIM had built up a tremendous amount of Trust among its clients.


Next 5 years was the time where ATIM built for its credentials. Regulatory, Corporate and Investment, International Trade and Competition, Infrastructure and Construction, and Dispute Settlement. ATIM has set its credential by making success of the first case in the legal industry such as first MLM company open the market in Vietnam, the first Anti-dumping case in domestic market, the first demerger case in Ho Chi Minh City and so forth. The client’s success is our achievement. ATIM commits to accompany with clients in the long run.

The critical resource making success of every organization is people. Thus, ATIM choose developing people is one of its most important mission. ATIM has invested into young talent though GES scholarship and then ATIM’s Internship program that extended to the third years law school student in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The program provides real world experiences and challenges to these students who are closely mentored and supervised by the firm’s senior lawyers.


During past 10 years, ATIM kept track on its vision to become the International Business Law Firm step by step. In the upcoming 10 years, ATIM continues to perform its mission “to be partner of choice for safety and legal compliance for Clients, People and Society” and to pursue the sustainable development with hungry to bring success to Society, People, Suppliers, and Clients.