ATIM - a heart toward the community

17/08/2017, 02:37 AM

Quang Binh - a region famous for its beauty is bestowed by nature on the high limestone mountains and mysteriously hidden cave system. However, that is just the upper side of Tan Hoa Commune, Minh Hoa district, Quang Binh. Few tourists come and stay here long enough to witness the difficulties which the people in here have faced.

Quang Binh welcomes us with a temperature total about 37oC and with the dry of the wind from Laos. The abundance of water is always the reason of the terrible floods. In the flood season, the water rises to the roof of the house. To live and settle in this land, people must have floating houses. When the water is up, the floating house is also raised and the people live on the floating house until the water recedes.

However, it is not easy to get a floating house- a lifebuoy in the flood season because of the hard life. Through Oxalis (a travel company), we had known the plight of an 85 years old woman living alone. She had only one wooden house attached to the ground. When the flood came, her house was damaged and almost entirely lost. A floating house was simply a wish of her lifetime.

We collaborated with Oxalis to give her a floating house on the occasion of our team-building trip. In a few minutes of meeting and giving the house, the senior woman thanked us many times.


Also on this trip, we visited Tan Hoa Secondary School. Facilities of that school are poor. We had given the school four sets of desktop computers. We hope that the small actions we did can help the students in there to be more equipped fully.


ATIM, we are not only a team but also a heart toward the community.